Topic: Very first impressions as new licensed Member

Hey everyone,

I bought the "Ultimate Pack" last Friday after some time of thinking on what I will need and want to pay for!
For shure, I am inside of Trading around 30 years and know this Programm since it was OpenSource.
But many, many years i am out of EAs ...
So this Software gone out of my eyes!

Now it was time for me after many years of manual trading and just one year of building EAs to reflect!
Just done it!

I bought the lievetime "Ultimate Pack"!
My very first things to say:
It is a lot of money to spent! Shure! But ...

I spend some time on last Friday after Registration to learn my points around.
I spend my time to use my first preffered Video-Course (It takes really the complete Weekend to realize all arround).
On Sunday I take the given Data out of the Pool and followed the instuctions of my Course.

Actually after 2 days in my Live-Account (NEVER DO THAT DIRECTLY WITHOUT MY EXPERIENCE IN A LIVE ACC) there are 2 days in profit!

Please test everything first in a Demo!!!
My live ACC is big enough to take some losses with Lot 0,1! But yours too?

The Result is amazing. My very first Course was "EA Studio Professional Course"

I will work on my own Collections soon.

Just my really first Information ...
Thanks for reading.

Frank aka Dragon

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Re: Very first impressions as new licensed Member

Hi Dragon,

how have the EAs from EA studio been performing for you since January?