Topic: Break Even Option?

Hi Mr. Popov,

I was wondering if it might be possible to add a BE option to EA Studio. It would basically just need 1 value, "set SL to BE after X pips". Of course, it could also be made with 2 values, "set SL to X pips above entry after X pips have been reached". I think a BE option would be a great addition to EA Studio. It would still be triggered on full bars only, like the trailing stop, of course.

Thank you :-)

Re: Break Even Option?

A very good idea!

> It would still be triggered on full bars only, like the trailing stop, of course.

It can be activated from the previous bar High or Low depending on the deposition direction.
The strategy may use the nearest exit - SL or BE.
It can be:

Generator options:
Break Even
- Always use
- May use
- Do not use

Activation (pips)           100
Guaranteed profit (pips) 0

Re: Break Even Option?

This plan sounds just perfect! Looking forward to testing it :-)

By the way, it would also be great if the trailing stop had an activation level instead of to trail from the very start. E.g. "trail with X pips distance once X pips profit has been reached".

Re: Break Even Option?

Hi Mr. Popov,

was the break even option already added to EA Studio? From your post I thought you already added it, but I cannot see it in the Generator nor anywhere else.

Thank you.

Re: Break Even Option?

No, it is not yet.

I say "it can" and "it may"  as a good intention for the future feater smile

I may work on it soon or later. I'm working hard on related stuff, but I'm following an "Inspiration Driven" methodology smile for achieving the best results.

Therefore, if it is not a bug or a crash, we need a sign from the Universe to start it.

Re: Break Even Option?

The best way to work, I fully agree. Then I am going to wait until the muse kisses you :-) By some tests that I have done on existing (already good) EA Studio created strategies with adding a BE directly into the mq4/5 code, some benefit a lot from this, so I am pretty sure that when the generator can work with that option already during the creation process, we should overall see even better strategies from EA Studio. So I really hope the muse kisses you soon :-)


Re: Break Even Option?

Just taking a little sneak peek to see how the muse was going with you lately ;-) That break even option would still be a great addition to EA Studio for sure :-)))))