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i try to run portfolio for btcusd or ethusd..but it is impossible. Thanks popov for the new crypto data.. but the spread on all brokers are a) very high and b) are changing constantly so its impossible for me to get a good ea portfolio.

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It is unfeasible for now.
I added the data simple to have an alternative data source.

Someday, if the governments decide to provide digital tokens love the national currencies it may work. Other possibilities the crypto exchanges to reduce their fees (highly unlikely) and reduce the gas fee (also unlikely except for Solana for example)

Anyway, my goal is to make an online and decentralized algotrading platform for all digital assets. My baby steps in that direction are here:

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or can this idea work...i make portfolio with 2000 spread...and add a function that ea cannot open when spread is higher than than ea only will work under spread 2000.

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did someone knows a broker that supports the new historic crypto pairs? my broker dont support btcusd so the symbol ist in there and i cannot import the data..i use mt4

also i noticed much brokers use high means the stoploss have to be e.g 1500pips when we have had make eas lower stops than 1500pips ea will not execute..