Topic: CoinRang - the beginning

Hello Traders,

I'm happy to present you my new project - CoinRang ( )

It will be the easiest way to watch the trends of cryptocurrencies.

CoinRang is currently under development. Many of the things are yet to be implemented but it works

I'm uploading new versions every few hours so refresh it frequently.

I'll share my grand ideas soon.

Trade Safe!

Re: CoinRang - the beginning

Why Coinrang?

1) Easy, calm, unintrusive

I found it very cumbersome to watch TradingView (or especially Binance)  charts to see what is happening in the crypto world.

Therefore, I decided to make an app with a clean, fast and unintrusive user interface - a ticker bar at the top, indicators chart below, and minimum menus and icons.

The Ticker Bar shows a simplified chart and the current price of the chosen market. It serves the purpose of comparing the trend on the different currencies.

Here is an example of comparing major crypto markets on a daily chart. We see that XRP shows signs of the beginning of a new uptrend.

You can set Moving Averages on the Ticker Bar charts from "Settings"  (the leftmost button on the main toolbar)

Re: CoinRang - the beginning

2) Privacy

Coinrang doesn't gather personal information. It works absolutely anonymously.

No login, wallet or even email is required to use it. 

3) Free to use

Coinrang will be always free to use online or as a mobile app.