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Can a PortfolioExpert input back to ExpertAdvisorStudio for processing?

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Yes, you can import a Portfolio Expert in the Validator.

When you run the Validator, it will re-calculate all the included strategies and push the ones that pass the validation tools and criteria to the Collection.

Then you can check them and push the best ones to the Portfolio again.

This method works well because you can decide to validate the strategies with OOS criteria or optimise them.

Advanced users have many Collections and Portfolios. The Validator is very useful because you can import all collections and portfolios (which use the same market) and calculate them in one run. You can also run the Generator after that to add new strategies among the old ones.

With the latest EA Studio update, you can re-import also ZIP files of MT4 and MT5 sets of experts exported from the Collection page.

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Thank you Mr. Popov for the prompt reply!

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I would like to ask about the Portfolio stats under the Portfolio tab, where can I find detailed information about each one of them please?