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Topic: Special Modifications for EAS


i want to make a list with special modifications for EAs. We can collect here what do to if we want more bars or more in collection. Problem is i cannot find in forum anymore. And when we have one thread and Popov make it as sticky than every new one can look into.

Problems with Chrome and stability of the Browser:

Launching chrome.exe with these command line parameters should help:

--args --disable-features=RendererCodeIntegrity --disable-background-timer-throttling --disable-renderer-backgrounding --disable-backgrounding-occluded-windows --js-flags="--max_old_space_size=32768"

It´s also always a good idea to use optimized Chrome builds from RobRich, they are much faster than the Google Chrome releases. I´d recommend to pick the AVX version:


Re: Special Modifications for EAS

A hack for increasing the Collection capacity.

Please know that a greater capacity may make the application slower and unstable.

* Open the browser's console: hit F12 and switch to the "Console" tab.

The Collection capacity is in the following variable: eas.settings.collectionCapacity
- To see the capacity, write the variable and hit enter.
- To change it, assign a value to it: eas.settings.collectionCapacity = 1000


Re: Special Modifications for EAS

@Popov: you are underestimating the quality of EA Studio ;-) I´ve successfully had > 15000 strategies in one collection without ANY crashes. Good work!

@Roughey: Good to post my parameters here too, it will hopefully help others. Some credit would have been nice though ;-)