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Topic: Have more seperate Options


we can generate strategies like it is right now.

But what about to have options before we download an ea or portfolio like this:

  • Option for Percentage of Account Balance or Equity
    Option for Stop Trading Rest of the day. e.g Portfolio make 100 Dollar than close all and stop trading xx time.
    Option for Using Trailing
    Option for Martingale
    Different Money Management Options.

    Exit At End Of Day, Exit On Friday
    Maximum Trades Per Day
    Close 50% of the position at 0.5 x original Profit Target size
    Close remaining 50% of the position at 2 x original Profit Target

All this after the Generator.

We can create strategies like it is. But it will be great to have more options. I have implemented on my own trailing. And it is sometimes very good to use i can turn it on or off.

Imagine we will never get such results as in backtest. So i think some more options.

If you like my idea or have some more ideas let us know. i hope Popov can add some special features.

We know that this will destroy the results of EAS but we also know that we not will get such results as EAS show. So than we can simply use different options and enable or disable it on mt4

Re: Have more seperate Options

> We know that this will destroy the results of EAS

If we have these options in the Backtester, the backtest will correspond to the real test better.

All these ideas are good.

Thank you for sharing it. I'll have it in mind.

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Re: Have more seperate Options

Which one would traders rather have?

"destroy" EAS Backtest results but get better live trading results = more profit for traders, or

Retain EAS Backtest results but suffer worser trading performance in live accounts?

Imagine with the added features, your EA's performance improved by 30% to 50%, which would you choose, retain the authencity of the EA to it's backtest results by turning off these features or would you turn on these features in order to enjoy the 30% to 50% improvement in trading results?

I wouldn't really use the word "destroy" because EAS's backtest results serve as a guide, acceptance criteria, search etc and hence EAS serves to search for profitable EA but the added options seeks to improve the performance further.

So instead of looking at these extra features as "destroying" EAS backtest results, see it as a complimentary tools to improve it further to better suit live trading environment (for some, if not most EA).

So these features seeks to enhance EAS overall features/values by looking at 2 components/environments.  The backtest environment and the live trading environment.

These added features help to improve the EA's ability to survive outside the backtest environment as the market is volatile and the features improve the EA's responsiveness toward sudden market changes such as add tick trailing instead of trailing at bar open/close.

Forex market is very volatile and EA needs to have features that can cope with such volatility.  A static EA that can only deal with trade opening and close at every bar open eg every 4 hourly, is suicidal in my opinion (unless traders use large stop lose or trade at major trend movement, not intraday trades).

Ultimately, users goal is to see that EA that performs well in backtest can replicate it's success in live trading enviroment, the possible reason why there is a huge discrepancy between backtest enviroment and live environment is that EA that is profitable in backtest may not necessarily be successful in live test because of it's lack in responding to volatility.

Users are more concern with the EA's performance in live environment (because ultimately that's their goal, make money), to stick to the authencity of the backtest results at the expense of sacrificing live test performance, is never the traders objective.

Anyway, I've mentioned these several years ago in the post "dynamic closing" and I will rest my case here cos I have my own alternatives and I'm not stuck even if these features are not implemented.  It's for the good of EAS product value.  I've come to a point of refraining myself from commenting or making any suggestions because most of it has fallen on deaf ears and hence it's wasting my time suggesting...this is simply my last attempt, adious

4 (edited by geektrader 2021-09-17 22:00:25)

Re: Have more seperate Options

As for me, accurate backtest results in EAS <-> MT4 / MT5 are a must. I don´t like surprises in live trading / tick-data backtests, that´s the good thing with EAS as it works on bar open only. Of course, it means to not have some options like trailing stops, but the strategies that it creates and that work on bar open are amazing still and among the best ones I was ever able to create with any other platform that uses intra-bar backtests / approaches like trailing stops.

So while I think your ideas are good, it would kill the backtest accuracy that is currently absolutely perfect between EAS <-> MT4 / MT5 and the corresponding live trading. Compared to other platforms, EA Studios' strategies are always 100% matched to my live trades (if using the same broker data the strategy was created on). This is a VERY good thing, as it takes away any guesswork and non-matching backtest / live results.

So if something like this should be implemented into EAS, Popov would need to change the whole backtesting engine to use intra-bar data (1M or ticks, etc.) and that would slow down EAS a lot and takes away its simplicity as well. Most of the strategies EA Studio creates work in live trading because they are so extremely simple. There are other platforms already that support full intra-bar backtesting with 1M and tick-data like SQX, you can go fully in-depth there, use all kind of trailing stops / stop / limit orders, all intra-bar and on tick-data. I am using SQX as well for such strategies, but still the simple bar-open-EAS-strategies surpass almost everything SQX creates with its high complexity strategies in live trading. But I still prefer EA Studio as it always gives these simple but extremely effective strategies that it creates SO quick like no other platform out there.

In any case, if anything like this comes to EA Studio, it should be done with 100% accuracy as well, so that backtests match perfectly as usually with all new options, because otherwise, I agree with Popov, it destroys the backtesting and makes everything a guess-work how it will work on tick-data / live trading later on, which misses the whole point about a scientific/accurate approach of strategy creation.

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Re: Have more seperate Options

i dont know it it much work. we are online mode. so popov can easily make a copy of eas and use it as it is or make second experimentel or so. e.g i also prefer openeing open bar. but when use some of trailing it must be ontick.

but as i say we can let eas like it is when it crash the speed for generator. but i dont think that some additional code will slow down eas exported files in mt4 cause we are on bar.

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