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i am trying some simple ea based on ichimoku on demo. however i am not able to do that with quite simple rules.
i would like to ask you if demo has less features than full version as i miss there some basics exit conditions such tenkan x kijun cross lines (or chickou span crossing price). see there only "exit market at kijun sen" what i guess is when price hits kijun.
as there are only predefined conditions, is it possible to create, for example, condition where candle is crossing from below and closing above kijun? i am not able to figure it out 2nd day smile

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The features are the same and you are talking about indis, which under no circumstance are limited.

Your observations are correct! Standard ichi lacks a lot of conditions, hence I coded an M version smile You can find it here ->

6 years have passed, I'm not sure how well it will do in your hands smile If you can explain in detail, which logic feature is missing, and I can understand it convincingly, I can make additions to it.

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thanks for answer and coded version. i'll check it!

regarding ichi. i tried to test simple ea where trigger is tenkan - kijun cross inside or above cloud and exit is when chickou span cross price or tenkan cross kijun from above (buy setup) or trailing sl few pips below kijun.
now understand there cannot be everything but in first touch with fsb i thought it is somehow possible smile

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Kijun crosses Kumo upward? I didn't include this logic, but it might as well be.
I haven't made no logics with Chikou either.

Ok, I think these are worthy additions, Ichi M1 will roll out at a future date, I'll take it in my plans and work on it when time allows.


It is a custom indicator, not a coded version.

I don't understand "first touch" part. You can do actually a lot in FSB. The limiting factor in your case is that current standard and custom indicators do not support the logical conditions you proposed. I see sense in them, hence I'll add those.

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with first touch i meant first experience with fsb smile