Topic: More than 200000 bars


I would like to get more than 200000 bars, or the possibility to choose the starting time from which to get historical data

Is it possible?

Your data are great!


Re: More than 200000 bars

We collect ticks and compose bars from DukasCopy. All services run online and now it becomes one of the most popular data download service. We also think of adding stocks. in order to maintain the service super fast, we have to keep it under control. So we decided to upload up to 200000 bars because they serve well in EA Studio and soon in FSB Pro.

If you want more bars or different symbols, you can collect them by using the free version of TickStory:

Re: More than 200000 bars


isnt it possible to change the 200000 bars in browser console?

or did you store only 200 000 bars and every day the latest bars are deleted in your store...

Re: More than 200000 bars

The service maintains up to 200 000 bars for a data series.

We limit the count of bars in order to be able to add more symbols. I'm already working on adding Crypto data. I'll add stock data after that.