Topic: [signal][copyfx] TrendInvestSignal - Average risk

Hello readers and guests of the forum, I want to introduce you to my account, which is available for copying from the Roboforex broker, in this topic I will publish reports at the end of each week.

Copyfx signal: TrendInvestSignal - Average risk
Launch date: 15.07.20

Cost: 30% of profit (debited automatically on Saturday)
Estimated yield: up to 5-10% per month
Estimated drawdown: up to 30-40% of the deposit
Recommended deposit: from 300 $
Description: Trading is carried out with one EUR / USD pair, stop loss and take profit are used, when trading, the method of averaging after losses received can be used, the risk is up to 30-40%.

Add. info: I recommend opening an account with ECN or Standard, the leverage is not less than 1: 500, set proportional copying in the settings so that everything works correctly.

Telegram - @pozivnou (there are fakes, be careful)
Telegram channel - @avtoforex (reports and recommendations)
E-mail -


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Re: [signal][copyfx] TrendInvestSignal - Average risk

Report from 11.01 to 17.01.2021

Profit: + 8.98 %
Total return: + 62.19%

The week was just great, it turned out to take the maximum profit, such a profit is rare and this is not an indicator.

Re: [signal][copyfx] TrendInvestSignal - Average risk

Report from 18.01 to 24.01.2021

Profit: + 2.48%
Total return: + 66.22%

Not a bad week, but a couple of deals are stuck in the work, we are waiting for the opening and draw conclusions

Re: [signal][copyfx] TrendInvestSignal - Average risk


I didn’t make a report last week, as I was a little upset, but I was upset because I caught a series of stops on the account, January closed on the account with a loss of -16% (you can gloat), but this is the market today you can be in plus, and tomorrow to incur losses, for me it's normal.

Always trading steadily is not realistic, floating income over a long distance, this is the best indicator in my opinion!

January report -16%

Report from 1.02 to 7.02.21

Profit: + 23.94%
Total return + 58.41%

Yes, as a result, they sagged a little, but the losses were partially recaptured, and we trade further and earn money, the risk on the account was pledged up to 30%, but he broke his rule, it was 40%, you need to correct a little and underestimate the risks, and also not exceed them more than 30 %