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I am trying to generate strategies on a 5min timeframe for a date range that ends in 2017 so I can leave some additional OOS data, however when I run the reactor with the "Use End Date" checked, it still just runs on the last 100,000 bars.  Is there a way I can force it to generate on a custom date range?


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Note that I'm using Premium Data.

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Just tested it for you and found out it working well.


- The Generator must be stopped when you change the Dat Horizon settings.

- Then when you go to the Generator, it will cut the data within the desired ranges (if such data is available)

- It is the best to make the collection empty before running the Generator in order to be sure you see the newly generated strategies only.

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Thanks Popov.  It works for me on 15min, but not on 5min.  Can you please try the same thing with a 5min timeframe?

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I just tested it and it really doesn't work on M5 and M1 as well!!! From M15 and up the end date works.

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You can't use it on M5 because M5 data starts from 2018-05-04 04:55.
You can try to limit it to 2019 and it will work.