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Hi all!

I made some research and a few assumptions already. However i'd like to hear your opinions and maybe correct me if i'm wrong.

*. I have been trading professionally for near a decade now. I make living out of it but would like to switch to algo trading.
*. Im proficient coder in mql4/mql5. Meaning that i can code pretty much any complex patterns/logic for a strategy on my own.

That being said...
1. I believe EA Studio is the better fit for me rather than FSB?
The way i see is FSB is like visual coding, while EAS is brute force strategy generator?

That's about the software.
My next assumption and question is about the performance.

From the research i have done it appears that most of the robots created are working for some time then we replace them or at least re-optimize  them. Also the approach here is usually with a portfolio of EAs rather than using 1/2/3 strategies.
The question here is why do you charge money for courses on how to use your software proficiently?? This is absolutely preposterous.

2. If you don't mind answering I'd like to know what is the logic and reason behind that?
3. If i get the software without the courses, does that mean im doomed to failure?
4. If you have found a way to use and apply the software to its best and in a way that makes money why charge extra for the explanations? I have a trading software which is on the market for 2 years now and every single discovery i made was immediately shared with the community. Best ways to use it, things to avoid and all...

Happy 2021 everyone and thanks in advance for your comments and suggestions!

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FSB is not really visual coding, it's has a very clear concept with its pros and obvious drawbacks. It helps to build more complex strategies, it supports custom indicators. Browser-based Studio on the other hand is really more of a data-mining tool, a simplified and much faster version of FSB, if you will. Studio also mainly uses native mt indis for simpler EAs and is aimed to produce almost exact mt tester results, because there is this unfounded dogmatic belief in mt backtest prophesy.

About the courses. To my knowledge it involves this user -
I'm not aware of his direct input in development of Pro or Studio, the courses and the "Never Losing Formula" are his work and if he specializes on these and puts his effort into it, then he can charge whatever he wants for his work and there's free one available as well, in addition to videos from the developer.
I don't know the exact agreement but he is allowed to promote his work here as he is using "our" tools. This similar symbiosis was with another user Sleytus, he provided a tracker and some other programs. Now there's another one coming up or already available called Samurai or something. So, essentially these are third party tools and courses.

I would add to this that the purpose of FSB is not to teach you how to trade, it is about giving traders the tools. The idea of said courses is to teach people to trade using FSB products as far as I understand.

Do you have a clear plan and a crystallized understanding of what do you want to get? If so, then acquaint yourself with the programs, use trial versions and see if they fulfill your needs and whether you can adapt and/or compromise your workflow while using these tools.

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Hello Qzcl,

Welcome to our community!

If you are an experienced trader, you can start using the software right now by referring to its documentation online and to our YouTube channel: … EgwQeo9zpQ

You don't need to pay for any courses and we do not charge you for courses when you buy software from us.

We only made it possible for our user to buy trading courses created by EA Forex Academy from our website. We added the educational packages only 20 days ago and we do not increased the prices of EA Studio or FSB Pro. Even more, we included 2 courses to our Megapack and we pay them to EA Forex Academy on our behalf.

You are completely able to use the software "professionally" (whatever it means) by purchasing a software license from us without paying a cent for education.

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Hi Popov and footon!

Thank you both for your time and replies.

I've created a framework that im following in order to get some general feeling of the results provided.

Im at around 70% of my trial and i'm not able to pull a profitable combination. Can someone tell me where am i going wrong and perhaps share your workflow? Here is what i tried so far:

1. Generate strategies with 20% OOS (h4 or m15) and apply acceptance criteria (focused on profit factor, DD, balance stability, stagnation,  min amount of trades).
- data horizon used here is from first available data to jan 2020.
- optimization/walk forward etc etc...
2. Next im collecting the strategies that passed the acceptance criteria and were optimized and import them to portfolio.
3. I test the portfolio from 2020 till today which gives me 1 year of unseen data (h4), for m15 i generated until june 2020 and tested the portfolios for 6 months till today on unseen data.

Unfortunately the results are far away from the desired numbers. My assumption was that after creation and optimization there will be some small period of time in which the EAs would continue perform with aprox similar results to the generation data sampled.
- For M15 strategies i would expect 2-4 weeks of generally good performance (given that the strategy is created on a 4 years of backtested data).
- For H4 strategies i would expect 1-2 months of good performance. Creation data set = 20+ years

1. Are those assumptions realistic? 
2. Any guidance on what could be improved on my side would be appreciated. 
3. MOST important question is how do you do it? What is your framework?