Topic: Opinion on my first Expert Advisor

Hi I worked a little with the program and created my first optimized expert advisor. I backtested MT4 with 2 versions, one normal and one with a modification to the lot that increases proportionally to the balance. I am attaching the two screenshots. Tell me what you think and if it might work.

Then I have a question that has nothing to do with this topic regarding portfolios. I would like to know if with this tool (for example with 6 strategies) more capital is needed to manage them all.

Thanks for the replies

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Re: Opinion on my first Expert Advisor


I am new to the community so I am just seeing this now. By now, I believe you have had a chance to test these strategies and see the results. From the pictures you posted, I was a little worried about the drawdown - especially because  of the gross profit vs gross loss figures.. I would double check the return/drawdown ratio and maybe try to improve it by adjusting SL and TP (if you do have them) or entry/exit rules.

Otherwise, I do have a question for you. Since I discovered this website, my wish was to find a way to create strategies with optimized lot sizes (like your second one here) but I realized that I couldn't. Perhaps it's a feature they will add in the near future. My question is, how did you modify your robot on MT4 to have an optimized lot size? I have no coding experience but I do know that codes can be very tricky - like missing even on iota could ruin the whole code. If possible, post screenshots of the lines to add in order to do it correctly.

I hope my feedback was helpful, and I am looking forward to your response!

Thank you!