Topic: closing conditions are really elementry

dear responder
my strategy is based in ichimiko indicator only. but your options for openning and closing is really elementry and useless . for example my closing condition is if price falls down 5 pips under kijen sen , how we can set it to work ?
or i want to change my sl by some conditions may happen but there is no flexability for that .
many thanks if guide me to light

Re: closing conditions are really elementry

> my strategy is based in Ichimiko indicator only

Hooman, FSB pro and EA Studio are designed to generate new strategies. If you already have a strategy, The best you can do with it is to trade it in MetaTrader.

FSB Pro and Ea Studio provide a technology called Strategy Generator (invented from us in 2005). It generates new strategies for the market you choose. We made it possible because we invented specific trading rules and strategy structure. It made it possible to backtest and analyse thousands of strategies per minute.

FSB Pro also provides a way to set strategies manually. However, if you want to write strategies in a  free form, the only way to do it is in MetaTrader or in some other platform that provides a full-featured programming language.

We can say that FSB Pro and EA Studio use elementary exit rules to generate and analyse strategies automatically. On the other hand, MetaTrader provides a way to program strategies with not elementary trading rules manually.

But hay, FSB Pro can also do that. You can implement almost any trading rule you want. You may modify the standard Ichimoku Kinko Hyo indicator and to add vertical shift to it. Then you can add it to FSB Pro as a Custom Indicator.

If the only difference between a useless and a useful indicator is a 5 pip shift, then you are in the correct place.

Re: closing conditions are really elementry

thanks to you mr.popov
i am working hard on your software to learn it fully . i believe new visions are in your program .
if you had time take a look at one of my strategies . it may be performable in strategy builder .

good luck to you and your team

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