Topic: MT4 Backtest not working

Hi together,

i´ve been generating different strategies over the time and export them as an EA to MT4.

When the EAs are running in MT4 everything is working fine, generating trades etc.

The only thing is, i can´t do any backtests of the EAs in MT4. I always get different error messages (see Screenshots attached)

What am I doing wrong?

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Re: MT4 Backtest not working

I see no differences as the main theme is inadequate number of bars. Make sure you have enough data available. Interesting that they work on charts but not in tester, though.

Re: MT4 Backtest not working


Just make sure you have enough and correct data .  If this fails usually all back tests fail as well.

Also is common to see different results between the back test form FSB than the one performed in MT4 , the reason  is MT$ engine is not as accurate as FSB, and also takes for ever to complete the test. the results should be somewhere approximately valid but rarely  you will find the exact same result.

Some Expert advisers once you add certain inputs such as enter time of trade and maximum spread allowed , will not produce any back-testing results , even if the EA performs in real life.

Re: MT4 Backtest not working

I have enough historical data in MT4 ... If i´m backtesting other bots (which are not generated by FSB Pro) everything is working fine ...

I even tried to import historical data again, still getting same error messages

Re: MT4 Backtest not working

I even tried to export the same strategies to MT5 instead of MT4.
In MT5 the backtest is working fine.

But when the strategies are running on a demo account the bots don't open any trades. I've set up the same bots in MT4 too and run them parallel. In MT4 there are many trades beeing opened, while in MT5 nothing is happening.

In MT4 the backtests are still not working though.

Why are the results so completely different? It ridiculous and super frustrating