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It's been a while since we posted anything on this forum, have been quite busy.:P

Since the March of this year we have launched our own trading signal - FX SUMO Diversified Signal. Currently, it already has 6+ months of history and more than 2500 closed trades. All trading is happening automatically and is performed by 49 different trading setups.

Signal is available here:

On monthly basis we create self-evaluation PDF, the latest one will be added as file in attachment.
For more information, feel free to approach me here or visit this page:

We hope to attract new subscribers, thus, all questions are welcome!

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The updated analysis of FX SUMO Diversified signal ( is available here:
Long story short - again beating expectations, yet, no subscribers, so meh...

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Ah, almost forget to announce - currently, we are 14th highest placed signal on PSYQuation, a unique platform that measures signals' performances based on its own proprietary scoring system.

82/100 points and 14th out of 473 signals out there, not too shabby! (sun)