Topic: Possible choose strategie from Input field


I thought about a input String or something to choose strategies.

Input field AS String where i can put those entries:

1,2,3,4,5 to choose strategies 1-5
Also i can Input 1,2,3,4-10,15

So only strategies 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,15
Where Trading.

Someone Idea how i can handle this.
Maxbe with Signallist array

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Re: Possible choose strategie from Input field

Hi Roughey,

I can see you trying out ways to get around the issues...good job for creative thinking.

Ability to choose strategies from PE?

There is another indirect, less effort in terms of coding.

What I normally do is that I shortlist hundreds of profitable EA onto a few Portfolio Expert and run them in various MT4 accounts.

Then from each of these account, I select those that I want to live trade or "put into another Portfolio".

So I use Fxblue to gather the performance results (download the excel file from Fxblue) and from the excel file, I will shortlist the EA.  I'll then copy and paste this list of EA onto FxBlue Trade Copier under the section "Include Magic Number"

This will allow me to copy trade only those selected EA/strategies that I want (without having to extract the EA from the Portfolio Expert and re-export them as another new Portfolio Expert (thereby lose track of the magic number to track the performance).  In this way, I can continue to gather the performance metric of the Original Strategies over many months, while the freedom to pick and choose which strategies to use or delete for my final selection via copy trade.

I suspect my answer may not be what you are looking for but at least I offer a possibility of thinking out of the (coding) box.

Re: Possible choose strategie from Input field

yes thats an other way.
but i want make it very simple. EA with 100 strategies. and decide by input field which where are trading/active and which not.

So i know eas code is generating SingalList Array. so maybe we can play around with it.
put an if statement before entry

input string a = "0";  //Choose Strategies from 1-100, e.g 1,2,10 or 1-10,20-40
   signalList[i++] = GetEntrySignal_00();

maybe i hope @Popov have a nice idea.

Also i dont know how to handyle this with 1,2,5,6,10 with the comma.