Topic: Expand FSB download symbols

could it be posssible to expand FSB download symbols ?

The available symbols for download form FSB are limited to the majors:  10 symbols.

It will be great if a more comprehensive list is available, including minors, exotics, metals and indices.

I use form Duckascopy, unfortunately it is a time consuming, and several steps to the task must be perform ..... in reality NOBODY WANTS TO DO MORE WORK ... BUT LESS.

I have also used the historical data base from FSB witch is great but very limited :

So, in summary if the tool for automatic download is already in great working condition, how difficult could it be to increase the available number of symbols? After all is the same procedure a bit more data and the benefit: ALL EXISTING AND FUTURE USERS OF FSB WILL BENEFIT IMMENSELY, THE POPULARITY OF FSB WILL BE ENHANCE BECAUSE IT MAKES THE LIFE OF USERS EASIER AND BETTER AS A TESTING PLATFORM.

Everybody struggles for data, and data is the basis for all analysis, without it nothing that is done has any meaning. By making data more easily available form a reliable source, makes FSB outstanding over any other testing platform.

The feature of easy and reliable data alone will make FSB unique and the preferred tool for development of ideas. And that is what FSB is about.

The marginal cost in implementing this data service is minimal ( The data cost for mining have been already incurred, so is no more additional cost for collecting the data) in comparison to the benefits that FSB will receive in the immediate future, not only that if the repository for collective intelligence finally evolve , the data standardization base is already there as a pillar for all developments.

By making easy of use of data , FSB solve an immense problem of convenience of DATA collection and use : BASICALLY FSB A HAVE THE TOOLS TO AUTOMATE THE DATA FOR THE USE of the SOFTWARE, THE ONLY ADDITIONAL REQUEST IS TO EXPAND THE DATA SYMBOLS SO FSB COULD BE USED IN A MORE UNIVERSAL MANNER . That makes FSB the absolute leader in the market.

A feature like this alone will make FSB not only more usable , but more marketable as well.

The way I see it, and correct me if I am wrong : " FSB have already the data, FSB have the tools to convert all data into the databases of FSB, so adding more symbols to the data base should not be a big and difficult task other than the servers will be more busy executing the requests , but if it handled in a sequential basis all requests will be fulfilled eventually withing the hour. These is not necessary a rush type ,expedite service . Therefore, is only a matter of implementing the service and nothing else , everybody benefits form it.

Thank you for your attention.

Re: Expand FSB download symbols

It will happen soon.