Topic: What can you do with EA Studio?

When we first started to use EA Studio, I could see that 3000 pips a day was quite possible.

I showed Steve, one day that I had made it to 6,000 pips and then got distracted and scrapped what I was doing.

The thing was a mess, there was 5 minute charts and 60 minute charts.... a real mess

Recently I started a new one, using 4 hour charts, I think I will have it running well in a couple months.

Slowly but surely I am building the better strategies, I will be really happy with just 1000 pips a day.

I will see what coming weeks will bring.

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My 'secret' goal is to push EA Studio until I can net 3000 pips per day....

Re: What can you do with EA Studio?

Thank you for your posting,
The last line looks very nice what are the lines bove? i see one with a net pips of -7395

Do you have any EA's which have a stable profit factor? What i notice so far is that a set of
EA's can have a great profit factor for a month and then give all the profit back to the market