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Topic: StrategyQuantX vs FSBPRo


I'm interesting purchasing either SQX or FSBPro for FX in MT4 and would be interested in hearing some objective opinions comparing the two.

I value of course the production of strategies (with longevity), simplicity, replication of results on MT4 and most importantly, the ability to stress-test strategies to avoid curve-fitting e.g. multi-market, multi-time frame tests, enter/exit [x] bars later, MC with skipping trades, the ability to select "chunks" of OOS periods etc. I would like to, at the least, create a variety of robust strategies that work well as a portfolio across instruments.

At the moment, I am looking at daily time frames only but in future will diversify with intra-day.

Can FSBPRO be used with indices and futures?

Just to be clear, I would be OK trading a strategy that doesn't "make sense" to human intuition provided it is rigourously tested to rule out curve-fitting e.g. if an "illogical strategy" trades well across 10 markets for years, I don't care if it doesn't make "logical sense"


Re: StrategyQuantX vs FSBPRo

You will have to test both aggressively to answer your questions.  Someone else' opinion will not serve you well

My 'secret' goal is to push EA Studio until I can net 3000 pips per day....

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I own both now as well as some other EA and Indicator building methods.  From an "ease of use" standpoint, SQX is far better because everything is integrated and flawless.   From a practical building perspective, FSB is better.  Each comes with additional software that is helpful in building EA's and the pricing is similar.  BUT - I have yet to get a workable EA out of SQX for 3 months.  SQX you have to leave your computer running 24/7 for days to come up with some whereas FSB takes only a minute or 2.  But either way, I have specific signal combinations that work on a chart and manually that both software products cannot duplicate.  Or - I am not using them correctly.

If you only want one piece of software - FSB is the best choice.  It is faster to create a strategy and test.  The support from author is also better.

All the best.

Re: StrategyQuantX vs FSBPRo

Update to my last post: I just purchased the "ultra" part of SQX.  It still has some bugs, but things are getting better.  The best part of SQX is that doing a back test in MT4/5 is fairly fast.  FSB is close to impossible to get a MT4/5 back test done in a few days. 

Just a heads up.

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I tried SQ ones. It made a strategy that compares MACD with RSI. I quit.

Contrarily to that, FSB Pro always provides logically correct strategies. We specially made it to not be possible to compare apples with oranges.