Topic: mql5 expert not working on 32 bit system.

Hello everybody. I am testing a strategy on my regular trading system, Win10 32 bit, meta trader 5 runs on it, but I have some limitations (tester not working for example).

The strategy unloads as soon as I confirm the parameters.. On the log says  "array out of range in (name of the strategy) (780,15).

But running the expert on the same account, on my main system (Win10 64 bit), the expert works as expected, no errors.

Is this behavior expected? The experts generated in FSB must run on 64 bit system in order to work?

Thanks in advance, regards.

Re: mql5 expert not working on 32 bit system.

MT5 is written for 64 bit .

FSB translated to MT5 in 64 bit, and to MT4 in 32bit/ 64 bit ( MT4 is 32 bit).

Running MT5 on a 32 bit environment  is deferentially one big limitation and error occurrence.

What I have observed is that EA's generated on FSB  behave differently in MT5  vs. MT4 and that is a big problem.

Have you experience the same issue?

Re: mql5 expert not working on 32 bit system.

FSB Pro is written in C#. It is translated to an Intermediate Language (IL). Then the IL is run by Common Language Runtime (CLR).
The CLR is specially written for different platforms, including 32bit and 64bit, with the purpose to provide equal execution.

There is no difference in the behaviour of the program and the exported experts for 32bit and 64 bit systems.