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Topic: candle pattern reach some pips

i want to put in my strategy two or more candle pattern (its should be possible to use specific time frame) as one of indicator to order position, auto order starting when those candle reach some pips, how to set this in FSB? Thanks

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Re: candle pattern reach some pips

The easiest way to do it is with the "Momentum" indicator.

FSB Pro comes with two versions of Momentum:
- "Momentum" - it calculates the difference of the current Close with the Close "n" bars back: Price(t) - Price (t-n). It may optionally apply MA smoothing.
- "Momentum MT" - this is the MetaTrader interpretation. It calculates the momentum as Price(t) / Price (t-n)

The first version is more useful to you.

In this example, we detect a minimum price range for 5 bars. Level 0.0100 means that we will have a signal when the range is greater than 100 Pips.


Re: candle pattern reach some pips

thanks Popov

i found it in Expert Advisor Studio, candle color is match with what i need,

FSB doesnt have this indicator?

Re: candle pattern reach some pips

It is available, it should be already included, if not, then it is in repository.