Topic: Backtesting error in mt4


When i try to backtest a EA developed in FSB Pro for the periods 2007 2009 MT4 strategy tester journal states
2020.04.20 11:31:24.620    TestGenerator: no history data 'EURCHF60' from 2007.06.01 to 2009.02.05
please could you advise with regard to the above

Re: Backtesting error in mt4

I think it is saying there is no data, you have to get data. If you are not using your broker's data, maybe it doesn't make it available? Your broker can tell more.

Re: Backtesting error in mt4

Try to load data in the EURCHF chart for all periods. It helps to increase the number of data bars from the chart settings to maximum. When you have data in the chart, MT may use them in the tester.

In case your broker doesn't provide a long history (which is usual), try to test the expert on more recent data. If the EA works well for let's say last year and have good performance in FSB Pro for the complete data set, you may try it on a Demo account.

Re: Backtesting error in mt4

sometimes it is worth it to have a peek in the folder to see if the files look to be complete, ie similar sizes between pairs at same time frame.

I have had more than a few bad downloads that had to be redone