Topic: Risk managment in FSB EAs

There is an option to limit the loss of every EA created in the FSB can make in a specific period of time?

Let say I want to limit an EA to lose up to 1% of the account balance in a single month (if the EA loses already 1% of the account balance, it will not be able to open new trades until the next month and so on).

Re: Risk managment in FSB EAs

Look up Minimum Account protection in the exported experts. It might not be exactly what you're looking for but hopefully still of use.

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Footon could you please guide me the steps to set up "minimum account protection"?
I was unable to find this option anywhere in FSB.
Thank you.

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Max, pay attention to details, the devil is in the details. As I said, it is in the expert. Look at expert settings in MT or open the expert file and at line 60 is

// If account equity drops below this value, the expert will close out all positions and stop automatic trade.
// The value must be set in account currency. Example:
// Protection_Min_Account = 700 will close positions if the equity drops below 700 USD (EUR if you account is in EUR).
static input int Protection_Min_Account = 0; // Stop trading at min account

Re: Risk managment in FSB EAs

Thank you Footon for your answer.

This way I can protect the balance for the entire account but can't limit the damage one EA can cause.

Let say I trade 100 EAs on my account, if on EA perform very bad it can erase the a big part of the account (much more than its percentage among the EAs trading on the account) until the protection min I have set.

Furthermore, that way I can't limit the loses by time and just can limit loses by the account equity.

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Footon's answer is correct because you ask for the "Risk management in FSB EAs".

The behaviour you require is very specific and needs a code modification. You may hire a freelancer MQL programmer to do it for you. The profit for the single expert can be tracked by the expert's Magic Number.

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There are a couple free tools on the net that will do the job.

Have a look at this one, it gives a fairly good accounting of what is happening.

You can also use FXBlue and sort the various magic numbers to see if there is problems.

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