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Opening the position in the beginning of the bar guarantees us that the exit point is reachable after the position has been opened.

When we have more than one exit signal FSB closes the position at the first exit and cancels the other signal.

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It is safe to closing the position no earlier than the closing of the bar. In this case, we are sure that the exit order will be executed after the entry order.

FSB acts according to the Same direction signal and Opposite direction signal logic when there is more than one entry order.  It can add, reduce, close, reverse the position or ignore the signal.

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When the entry and exit signals are in the bar the reliability depends of the relative positions of the levels.

In spite of the FSB bar interpolation algorithm make all its best to determine the correct order of the execution, the result is never 100% reliable.

In these examples the FSB will never execute the exit signal before the entry one. It always uses conditionals exit orders that targets the appropriate entry orders. Before the real entry the exit order is not active.

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When we have two exit points in the same bar, we can never be sure of the correct execution order. This concerns the Stop Limit indicator. If the TP and the SL limits are near to the opening point (in the same bar), the test is not reliable.

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That is really helpful!
Using this info you can make back-testing as much reliable as possible.

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WARNING: I have found that Starc indicator is UNSAFE! I generated an unbelievable profitable strategy using only this indicator.

GBP/USD, 1 Hour, Spread 5, Nothing, Reverse, (there will be no ambigious bars)

Starc bands
Smoothing method: Weighted
Base price: Open
MA period: 2
Multiplier: 1.1
Use previous bar value: No

Exit at stoploss level
Stoploss: -22

This simple strategy produces very high 13340 pips profit and very nice straight equity!
I tried to program Starc bands to Metatrader and I have studied the source code here:

I have found that Starc bands relies on another indicator: Average True Range witch depends on CURRENT High and Low. But the strategy above is designed for the current Open price so practically the High and Low should be unknown when computing the current Starc Bands. This is the reason why it is so simple and produces so high profit - it simply uses unknown future values.


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Thank you Andrej,

It's an obvious bug! sad

We'll correct it as soon as possible!

Well done Andrej it seems you perfectly understand the safe back testing!

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We have  fixed the bug.

The base price of the "Starc Bands" indicator can be "Close Price" only. It is due to the fact that the indicator uses the current bar high and low prices but they are not clearly known before the end of the current bar.

The fix will be published in several hours!
We need to check the other indicators for a similar mistake!

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A question about exiting.
Is there a hard stop in the Strategy Builder? As a forex trader I never place a trade without a stoploss whatever strategy I use (and this should do all traders to be successfull). I cannot find a closing logic condition to exit immediately when I am loosing too much (a certain number of pips).

Yes, there is "Stop Limit" and "Stop Loss" in the "Closing point of the position", but that's not what I need. The hard stop is a maximum loss per trade. If hit, then the position should be closed immediatly (indepependent on other closing conditions). If there is not a way how to do it, that's a good feedback ;-)

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Hi Andy,

You have a good sence in the spirit of FSB and the forex market. 

Such a loss limiter will be included into the next version of FSB (together with other intersting functions).

At the moment I have two variants:
- a Permanent Stop Loss - it is exactly that. a stop loss order that closes the position when it makes a predetermined amount of negative pips. It works independently of other close logic.

- a end of the bar loss limiter. It checks the floating profit / loss at the end of the bar and if it is more than the predetermined level it close the position.

Actually the first variant does not incorporate too well into the strategy at the moment.

I intend to publish a beta version of FSB 2.6 on march. I think it will be fixed till than.

Have fun!

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There is a Permanent Stop Loss in FSB v2.6

It targets all pending orders like an conditional order as well as a transfer position.

When there is no position modification (averaging) the Permanent SL is constant.
When the position changes, FSB sets the Permanent SL again considering the average position price.

Permanent SL uses the order price as a base. So the amount of loss can be greater that the stop value.

Permanent SL  -100pips.
If you have executed buy order at 1.4500 the Permanent SL price will be 1.4400.

If the S/L level is reached five days later. You have 4pips spread + 5pips rollover + 100pips price movement.
The total amount of loss will be 109pips.

Of course, if you add more lots the the loss will be multiplied by the number of lots.