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Hi Team

I find the stop limit function has alot of practical applications however can it be modified so that it can also be used with a trailing stop?

At the moment it is set as: eg Stop loss = -30, Take profit = 100 pips,

if the price does move in my direction it could move to say +90 pips before reversing and getting stopped out by the stop loss therefore turning a profit into a loss (-30 pips). Could it be modified so the the stop loss is in fact a trailing stop so if this does happen we can still capture a good portion of the move in case it does not reach the take profit limit.



Re: Stop Limit Formula modification

Hi Adam,
there was such idea - Trailing Stop Limit two years ago but actually there was no enough interest by the users.
We'll see. We can add it later.

Re: Stop Limit Formula modification

Hi Popov

I agree with atom83. It would be a good idea to incorporate it in your great software.

Re: Stop Limit Formula modification

I also agree that trailing stop limit would be useful to have. Most real-time trading software allow you to do this, so would be useful to back-test it.

Re: Stop Limit Formula modification

A Trailing Stop Limit function was added to Forex Strategy Builder v2.8.3.3 Beta.
It sets a trailing Stop Loss and a constant Take Profit exit.