Topic: FSB Pro crash and EA Studio crash

Hello Mr Popov and everyone,


I don´t know why but when I run FSB  after a while, it can be 5 minuts or 6 hours (or another period of time),FSB crash and it is being shut down and it appears a error message. I have windows 7, I have no idea what cause this malfunction,my computer works fine and I use this computer only for this purpose, anyone has the same issue?

EA Studio

The same occurs with EA Studio, I use Chrome and I have used Mozilla as well, with both after a while (but usually longer than in FSB) the crash happens and I must start again and again if the collection was not saved and I can not let the computer working during the night, also, any adviced to fix this?

Thank you very much Mr Popop and the community

Re: FSB Pro crash and EA Studio crash

I have run both programs on Windows 7 at the same time......... for many hours

The difficulty you have is not related to the software

You may have insufficient memory or some other problem

You can check the memory usage when they are running.

Other than that you will have to check your hardware configuration

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Re: FSB Pro crash and EA Studio crash

Thank you,

but I think the problem is not the memory, I have i7 3,6GHz with 24GB Ram, anyway thank you and I will keep checking what could it be the cause.