Topic: Import forex data in Expert Advisor Studio

You have to accomplish two steps - to import the data files in EA Studio and to customise the symbol's settings.

Import data files in EA Studio:

- Load the necessary data in the "Expert Advisor Studio (JSON) format". Let's say AUDNZD.

- The files are with a .json extension. For example AUDNZD_H4.json

- Open EA Studio and navigate to the Data -> Data Import page

- Select the download files and drag / drop them over the "Drop files here...' zone. EA Studio will import the files. If you are logged in with your account, EA Studio will also upload the files to the server for later use.

- Now you can visit the Editor and load the new symbol.

Customize the Symbols Settings. It is necessary to do it because the data comes with generic parameters for Swap, Spread, and others:

- Navigate to the Tools -> Symbol Settings page.

- The new data are under the FS DukasCopy server. ("FS" stands for Forex Software Ltd.) Select the corresponding symbol.

- Switch on the "Custom symbol settings" option to be able to customize the settings. Now they become enabled.

- Change the values to be suitable for your trading account.

Re: Import forex data in Expert Advisor Studio

Did i understand it right?
That i have to do this in -EA Studio- just one time?

After i have done it and have customized the symbol settings to my brokers information,
i have to download and upload never again the *.json Files, right?

I have done the download and upload from *.json every time i used EA-Studio until now ...
But i realized that in EA-Studio the Generator will automatically updates newer Bars.

So can i just start the Generator every time without downloading + uploading Premium Data again, after one time customize my settings?

Re: Import forex data in Expert Advisor Studio

You don't need to import data from the "Download Historical Data" app anymore because we feed them automatically in EA Studio. They are named "Premium Data".

Re: Import forex data in Expert Advisor Studio

Ok thank you for confirming my answer!
That will be perfect for me.

But your answer is not totally true ... It must be done just 1 time.
Without this it is not possible to customize the data to the broker needs.
But this is just less work for doing it 1 time.

Thank you and have a good evening.