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Hello Miroslav,

have you any news, when you think, that you finish with data feed in EA-Studio?

I ask, why is it small time to wait or abo i my data feed new from Tick Story...

Thanks, Marcus

Re: EA-Studio - Data Feed

No News Miroslav?

Re: EA-Studio - Data Feed

It downloads and updates data to my working machine.

I need one week to examine, fix, automate the process on a local server.

Then I'll make it capable of uploading the data to the application webserver.

I'll start the integration with EA Studio and want to make it online up to the middle of January. I have a business trip to the Netherlands in teh period of 19-26 of January.

I'll work on a separate User interface for the service and FSB Pro integration from Feb. I'm planning a final production release in March 2020.

Re: EA-Studio - Data Feed

Ok. Nice. Thanks for Info smile