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This will probably sound like a random question, but is there an order to the way in which a number of collections are loaded in the repository?

I know that strategies within a collection can be ordered/filtered depending on various parameters but was wondering if there was a way to order collections once loaded.

Every time I close and open FSB pro the order of several collections appears to be different when I load them which is a bit troublesome as I export the properties of each strategy within each collection for statistical purposes and rely on the order of the collections.

I did some troubleshooting with numerical and alphabetical configurations but to no avail.

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Re: Collections order

You might want to add a description of what you require to the 'Wish List'.

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Re: Collections order

The Collection sorts the strategies according to their performance stats. You can save the complete collection and when you open it again, it will keep the initial order. However, the strategies will be sorted again when you recalculate the strategies on newer data.