Topic: VPS difficulties

Miroslav - I have not been able to export an expert advisor to my MT4 account from FSB Pro when MT4 is running on a Virtual Private Server (VPS). I have no problem exporting to my MT4 account when MT4 is running on my local computer. Even after I export to MT4 on my local machine it will still not appear on my MT4 account running on the VPS. I did try "refresh" on MT4 VPS, this did not help. Your thoughts?

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Re: VPS difficulties

The reason is that  FSB Pro exports experts to the local machine. The program has no access to your VPS.

However, the solution is very simple. Save the experts in your local machine (to the Desktop for example) and move them manually to the VPS. Most probably the VPS provider has an instruction on how to do it.

Re: VPS difficulties

Thank you!