Topic: Timeframe

I am becoming quite familiar with FSB Pro and an very pleased with the software. Thanks Miroslav!

I do have a question for the FX experts relating to timeframes. FSB Pro has found promising strategies for me in each of the timeframes that I have studied, from 1 minute through 1 week, with comparable rates of return regardless of the timeframe. In other words, I can theoretically make about the same amount of profit over a 1-year period of time weather I an trading the 1 min, 1 hour, 1 day, or 1 week charts. To me this would favor using the longer 1-week timeframe since there are fewer overall number of trades, and more significantly, the monte carlo analysis appears better (to me) for the longer timeframes. Am I missing something? What are the trade-offs with using various timeframes? I would greatly appreciate comments regarding timeframes!