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Please could someone help with regard to me being new and money management strategy can one implement a MM Strategy or is this software pure technical strategy development , why is martingale used when this is proven not to work in the long run or am i missing something why not Kelly or your own strategy

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I know people who have been trading for so many years using martingale in an intelligent way, they know their limits and stop if necessary. Money management must be personal. Time spent trading will make you understand what is best for you. To understand kelly and other methods of money management, I purchased documents from an American company for example, studying them over time I tried to figure out which ones are best for me

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Martingale is quite useful with careful application. You have to learn for yourself how you would apply it as another person's experience will not be of value.

Each ea can have a different result if Martingale used.

Myself, I use it in certain cases and am very cautious, other people seem to be successful using a more aggressive approach.

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