Topic: My Little Experience with Forex Brokers

Hi all!

Now I have live accounts with FXOpen. But then I realize that they only allow 20 open trades on a demo account. So, with 200+ strategies generated in 3 weeks, I have to set up 10+ demo accounts and manage them from time to time which I think is very time consuming. And the number of strategies will only increase.

I did some research. In my opinion, most well known brokers are the same or slightly difference in terms of spread, slippage and commission. I used to use FXCM, FXpro and XM a few years ago before those accounts were blown sad

My personal experience with XM is quite good because I set up my live account under my local XM's IB. I got cashback from the volume that I traded. I also quite satisfied with FXCM and FXpro, their customer support are standard for me. I just unsatisfied with the strategies that I used.

If you don't mind, please share your experience with me. I think I might need 2 or 3 different brokers in the future. Thanks for reading.

Re: My Little Experience with Forex Brokers

I used to trade with IG as I liked their platform.
But now, I use somebody else as I want fixed spreads.