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Topic: Chrome suspends JavaScript on not-active Desktops

I am working with windows 10 and have different Desktops ( WINDOWS+TAB Key). Here i have my different ea studio instances runnning. I dont know why but i think cause a windows update. On each desktop i run 3 instances i have 3 monitors so each one have open one Chrome tab.

For a week all was working and all desktop are running.

Now i noticed that when i go out from the different Desktop eastudio not generate strategies anymore. Its like you have minimized the tab.

Did you have the same. And how can we solve this.

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Re: Chrome suspends JavaScript on not-active Desktops

Hello Roughey, I did what you ask.
I've start the generator for 10 min, 8 chrome tabs using different virtual desktops, but I cannot reproduce the bug.
It's all working fine here. cool

My specs are: Google Chrome version is 77.0.3865.120 64 bits and Windows 10 latest update;

For now is my suggestion is:

Keep us updated about it if you find a resolution for the problem, please.
Hope you a excellent weekend and all the best!


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Re: Chrome suspends JavaScript on not-active Desktops

i have checked firefox here it is working so it must be something with chrome.

my version Version 77.0.3865.120.

edit: after reinstallation of chrome it is now working..