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Hi everyone, I have been a member of the forum for several years and trading is currently my only profession. I was not a very active user but when I could I helped people avoid losing so much money by making naive mistakes, I received very nice PM thanks and I am proud of it. I'm starting to trade discretionary futures (indices) and then sell my perpetual FSB license with MT4 Tracker and Portfolio Maker. What really matters is that I will provide the necessary suggestions to avoid naive losses of money, all the information comes from research documents (which I will not provide entirely for copyright) by quant experts, very little info but which can change a person's automatic trading (never forget that about 95% of traders lose). There are no tricks to make unlimited profits, but there are ways to avoid losing money and understanding the dangers of automated trading, so the chances of being profitable increase. If someone is interested in buying my license (plus all the rest) he can send me a PM and we discuss it. For obvious reasons only one person can purchase the licenses and information that he will have to keep for himself. I offer no suggestions on how to use the software, there is a lot on the internet page and in the blog.
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I enclose some expert advisor backtests, the latter are not for sale,part of a forex portfolio . The tests showed a low risk of overfitting. Expert advisors maintain profitability even with spreads over 3-5 pips and with high slippage.

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