Topic: Questions about collection.json "balance" and "equity" properties

Hi all!

In the collection json arrays, there are these backtest objects. And these objects have `balance` and `equity` properties. From the collections I've inspected so far, all of the `balance` and `equity` are arrays that have a length of 500.

How should I interpret that? Is it just a way to normalize backtests?

Also, if I iterate over `balance` arrays from collections that were backtested using the same data horizon, then can I expect that the array indexes line-up to the same point in time?


Re: Questions about collection.json "balance" and "equity" properties

These arrays contain values for the Balance Charts on the Collection page. Usually, these charts are less than 500 pixels wide, so we compress the data to save space in the Browser's local storage.

"Is it just a way to normalize backtests?"

This is a way to compress the data without loss of quality for presentational purposes only.

Ea Studio compresses the charts with a minimal loss of details and that allows us to show real-time charts and also to save hundreds of strategies. I first experimented with "industry standard" charts but received updating time of 2 seconds!!! Do you emaige, the Generator calculates a strategy for 0.1 sec and then withing 2 sec for drawing the chart. This was a No-No for Ea Studio, so we invented the chart line compression - another one of the hidden gems of EA Studio.

Re: Questions about collection.json "balance" and "equity" properties

Thanks for the quick reply!

Optimizing for chart load times makes a lot of sense.