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Topic: EA studio and different result on each computer

Hello friends again,

Just wanted to ask if anybody else has the same result as me when it comes to generate strategy on different computer.

Right now im running 3 computer: 1 desktop and 2 laptops. The desktop one runs 4 reactors on each individual browsers, while one of the laptop runs 3 reactors on each individual browser, and the last laptop runs only 1 reactor. So as you can see, that last laptop is the slowest since it can only run 1 reactor, but here is the funny thing. Everyday when i check how many strategy it has passed, the slowest laptop has always passed more strategy compare to my fast desktop and laptop, and i wonder how is that possible?

Every computer use the same browser, the same settings(importing setting), but still my slowest computer produce most of the strategy.

Anyone have any theory why this happen or have the same experience?


Re: EA studio and different result on each computer

I am thinking that different processors can give varying results.

Will be hard for you to make a comparison without precise details on each system and processor.

Each manufacturer buys chips to fit and they all can run differently and at different capacities.

My 'secret' goal is to push EA Studio until I can net 3000 pips per day....

Re: EA studio and different result on each computer

Interesting, would love to hear what Popov says about this.

I agree it is hard to make comparison when so many factors that plays in, but still funny when my desktop runs over 4x more strategy then my slow laptop, but my laptop pass more strategy.

Blaiserboy, you have any experience with running multiple of reactors on differenet computers?

Re: EA studio and different result on each computer

It seems like you don't give enough clear details to make a good guess, but my wild guess is that all of your environment settings are not actually identical on each machine.

I assume you know that each EA instance in its own browser window cannot be minimized, else it essentially stops running.

Also, I will guess that your first two machines have a sufficient number of CPU cores and amount of RAM in order to make your choice of the number of instances sensible and not so many that they have to compete with each other and all slow down.

If the results are very different, there must be a logical explanation.

Re: EA studio and different result on each computer

The Generator uses a specialised version of the Genetic algorithm.
It first generates a random entry indicator with random parameters. Then it modifies teh strategy by gradually changing all the variables that determine the strategy: parameters, indicators, SL, TP...

It happens sometimes the Generator to find a stable strategy that affords many modifications. In such a case, the Generator can push many relatively similar strategies to the Collection. This doesn't mean that the Generator is faster. it only means that it has found a good combination of indicators for the particular market and with gradual modifications, it is able to produce many strategies.

In order to confirm your observations, you have to run the Generator with the same settings multiple times on the testing machines. The best thing to do it is to reset the settings and to limit the Data to a particular number of bars.

- empty the collection
- run the Generator for 1 minute.
- note the count of generated strategies and the count of the collected strategies.

Repeat the above test 30 times on your faster and on your slower machine. Please use the same data for all of your tests.

For example, I run the test on my development machine on 100 000 bars M1 EURUSD and got:

Test,   Generated,  collected
1          1387            9
2          1465            9
3          1432            5

Do that and we will discuss the results.

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Forex Forum → Expert Advisor Studio → EA studio and different result on each computer

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