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Topic: Greeting of old analysts

Mr Popov,

would they insert here on your sides again a search function?

If it easier makes to the people what it is about. I believe, the "Stöberer" of the first time were very close, in which what is important and makes sense.

For the word STÖBERER no word meaning data record is deposited!

Re: Greeting of old analysts

did you mean the analysis posts?

i just noticed before it was better ...only click on read new posts..i get only software specific posts. now i get every day much analytic posts. if there  is a function to ignore sub forums for the button new posts let me know

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Re: Greeting of old analysts

Search without searchterm ... eieieieiei Oh, come,
OK. my mistake. I registered here in 2014 already. Opensouce was even bigger written.
Your own strategy, which you want to realize in the end, will never take away from you, it remains your business. It may be easier to ignore some things. If nobody writes intelligent things now and then, we will find less in the future. This nonsense about the greatest strategies in the world etc. has been around for hundreds of thousands of years.

not that I think negatively ...

Re: Greeting of old analysts

I was modified the forum source to show "New posts" and to search only in the EA Studio and FSB Pro forums. However, I updated the software recently and it searches now through all sub-forums.

I think to make it searching only in the software-related posts. I'm in the Netherlands at the moment and will return back to my Bulgarian office in a week. I'll make the change then.