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Topic: Question about strategy properties

First when i use trailing when did ea start trail at breakeven??and what is the distance of trail? is this than the stop loss ??

Second question i just read the help site cause i want to find how this trail works and by side i saw this text.

In EA Studio you can set protections by using Stop Loss and Take Profit. The protections can be switched on and off. When a protection is enabled EA Studio will use the values you set. EA Studio will set the same values in the exported Expert Advisors.

Stop Loss is a protection in a case the market goes against our position. It is placed always below a long position or above a short position. You can set the Stop Loss to Fixed or Trailing.

Take Profit is a protection that will close a position on profit after the market has moved in the direction we have opened the position. Take Profit is based on a predefined number of points.

Remember that you set the protection values in pips. Be careful with that because a pip has a different value depending on the number of decimal digits in the quotation of your broker.

I thought eastudio detect automatically the digits. So if i have a portfolio with 5 digit broker for eurusd and for example will use this portfolio also with another Broker which have 4 digits. So ea will not automatically calculate the right pips? Did i have to change all? When it will be so how can we handle it that it detect automatically for using for all brokers.

Re: Question about strategy properties

EA Studio sets Stop Loss and Take Profit in pips. The value of one pip depends on the number of decimal digits of the current market. For example, 1 pip is equal to 10 points for markets that have 5 or 3 decimal digits like EURUSD and USDJPY. If your broker has a quotation in an even number of digits, like 1.2345, then 1 pip = 1 point.

Using pips instead of points make it easier to calculate a strategy on different markets because EA Studio automatically calculates the point value.

EA Studio sets an equal protection level for the Fixed Stop Loss and the Trailing Stop Loss.  The Stop Loss price is always below the position's Open Price for Long positions and above for the Short positions.
SL Distance = Stop Loss * Pip Value.

Long SL Price = Bid - SL Distance.
Short SL Price = Ask + SL Distance.

When the strategy uses a Trailing Stop Loss, it trails only at the beginning of the bar when there is a new higher High or a new lower Low. In such cases
Long SL Price = Previous Hign - SL Distance.
Short SL Price = Previous Low + SL Distance.

Some brokers have a limitation for the minimal SL Distance. It is usually 0 - 5 points.

EA Studio has an additional SL protection in case of a big weekend gap. If the market opens at a price that is over the positions SL, and the broker doesn't close the position, EA Studio closes the position at the current price.

EA Studio trails the TRailing Stop Loss et every new higher High or lower Low no matter the current position profit. The current position is usually at a profit at that moment, because the Stop Loss distance most often is higher than the spread.

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Forex Forum → Expert Advisor Studio → Question about strategy properties

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