Topic: Portfolio Position Sizing %

Hi Guys,

Ive have been trying for a long time now to code a way to use the account free margin and stoploss in each strategy to set the postion sizes.

For example: When using a portfolio expert I want to risk 2% of account free margin in relation to the StopLoss. So if the SL of that particular strategy is hit I loose 2% of the account free margin.

Then say I have 1 open position on the portfolio if another strategy in that portfolio opens another trade im risking the same % size of account free margin. This will help when multiple positions in the same direction are opened to scale the postion size accordingly that way if the market is going against the numerous open postions the position sizes are getting smaller and if the market is going in the correct direction it will scale up the position sizes.

Thanks Guys.

Re: Portfolio Position Sizing %

Anyone at all?