Topic: My First Program

Hello Traders,

I just tried to remember how I started programming and fun facts appeared.

My very first program was in BASIC in 1985. It showed one line in the console: AC/DC are fierce metals!!!

My first "commercial" program was in Pascal in 1989. I sold only one copy for about $40 smile)))
I was actually very surprised that I've been paid with real money, having into account that it was in my lovely Bulgaria, during the communism and the private business was heavily punished.


Do you remember your first experience with programming of any kind?
Please share!

Re: My First Program

I remember. Spring of 1983. My parents purchased a Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer 2... with the dot matrix printer. BASIC was also my first language. I remember numbering the lines of code... 10, 20, 30, etc... and the ever present GOTO command.

I was obsessed. I remember writing code with pencil/paper in school when the teach was boring. I couldn't wait to get home later that day and type it into the computer. I was doing a lot of screen savers and such. Creating lines of various colors within x,y coordinate loops fascinated me.

I played around with Pascal too.. while earning my Computer Science degree in the 90s. Sounds like we have similar backgrounds. In those days, we were in the midst of the Cold War. Despite our governments wanting us to hate each other, it's always fascinating to see just how much we all have in common.