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Can anybody here recommend a good broker? I have tried to search a little on the internet, but the revies
on each broker are different on every place. I tought Dukas would be nice, since I am using the tick data from them, but the revies on dukas is terrible.

Hope somone can help?

Thanks in advance!


Re: Recommend Broker?

I've had Activ Trades, Varianse and ICMarkets through.
ICMarkets has so far had the fewest problems and had the best executions of the 3. I'm talking about several years of use.

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Thanks alot smile

Re: Recommend Broker?

No Problem smile
I have send you a PM.

Re: Recommend Broker?

Does anyone have brokerage recommendations for United States based traders? I have found that many brokers do not accept US clients due to the Dodd-Frank regulations. I have also found that that many of the brokers that do accept US clients are market makers. Are there any reputable NDD brokers that accept US clients?