Topic: One EA per MT4 account?


I’m wondering what the best practice is in terms of running several EAs on an MT4 terminal, and monitoring their performance.

When developing a strategy, we set the account balance in the settings before we run the generator, so once a strategy is ready to be tested on MT4, should we set up a dedicated demo account for it with the same balance?

I imagine that if all EAs ready for MT4 demo testing are put into the same demo account, the results could be skewed a bit due to the equity in the account not being the same as what the strategy was modelled on?

Would it also be a good idea to set up separate live accounts for each EA? Not putting all your eggs in one basket etc?

But then I wonder if all those accounts could slow MT4 down, also causing skewed results..?

Does anyone have experience regarding this?

Re: One EA per MT4 account?

I use the software developed by Sleytus to combine many EA's into one......

And then check the performance of each ea

It will be difficult for you to manage a large number of MT4 versions

Re: One EA per MT4 account?

That sounds like a good idea, could you paste a link to where I can find out more?


Re: One EA per MT4 account?

search forum for 'portfolio maker'