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Can someone please help me with a quick thing on FSB --

1 - where do I change the symbol and period for the strategy tester?
2 - how is it possible to look through all the strategies generated? This was more obvious in the other expert advisor studio

3 - is it possible to set multiple stop loss and amend orders in FSB around ATR?

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Re: Running Strategy Generator

'Market' at the top of the screen is where you can change the time period

'Repository' is where you can see the strategies generated.

You can set the ATR values that you prefer in 'Add a Closing Logic'

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Re: Running Strategy Generator

Minch, if ask for the Trader mode of the FSB Pro strategy, it is connected to the MT chart where you run the "FSB-MT4 Bridge" expert.

You can choose on what MT chart you run the bridge and connect the strategy to that chart by setting the same Connection ID. 


You may find that exporting of an EA  is a more convenient way of trading.

Re: Running Strategy Generator

Thanks, all. Thats helpful.