Topic: Newbie Question on Importing Custom Indicators (MT4)

Hi Forum,

I am new user to this site so please forgive me if this a dumb question and probably posted in the wrong area...

I have a Forex strategy that I would like to automate. From sight tests, this does OK but I would like to be able to optimise this somehow and see the results before I actually find someone to code this for me.

BUT - now it seems I might not need someone to code it for me at all - I can just use Expert Advisor Studio and export this into an EA. I can then find out whether it's worth pursuing or whether its a dud.

My issue is, though, that some of the indicators that I want to test are available in EA Studio. Specifically, I want to add:

Aroon Up and Down

I have these available in .mt4 files already but I understand these need to be in C# to use in this software.

- Are these indicators available somewhere on the forum? 
- If not, what's the best way to get these into C# and what is the process to import these into EA Studio?

Im going to keep checking around the site to see if I can answer this myself, but just in case anyone can point me in the right direction, that would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks,

Re: Newbie Question on Importing Custom Indicators (MT4)

After some research around the site, I may be thinking of FSB Pro, then :

"FSB Pro comes with about 100 integrated indicators and it also supports custom indicators written in C#. Currently our community has developed about 100 more custom indicators"

Im guessing that the standard indicators in EA Studio cannot be added to in that case...

Re: Newbie Question on Importing Custom Indicators (MT4)

Hey Matthew,

First off there's EA Studio and then there's FSB Pro. Support for custom indicators is currently available only for Pro.

You should be able to find all Studio indis in Pro. One version of Aroon is available, maybe even more. What's SSL? That one might not be here. Chaikin... I think there's one. Some kind of Vortex is available as well.

I suggest you familiarize yourself with the program, especially look at logical conditions and compare if your strat's rules are similarly built. Eventually good pre-planning or a good understanding of what the program can offer you will save you time and effort.

Re: Newbie Question on Importing Custom Indicators (MT4)

Thanks, that helps alot actually.

I think I will download parallels for my mac and try out the Pro trial version to see what's available. I did found some indicators in C# around the internet so can always try and import those, but from what you say there seems to be a good selection already.

True that many indicators have different names but actually look at the same underliers. SSL is like a MA crossover but using high and low prices instead of standard ones, from what I can tell. There's not that much info anout it. For a long signal, as a example, the highs over the period must cross up and over the lows; it seems to work well as an entry indicator, obviously with some additional confirmations.

Here's what got me onto it :

Thanks again,