Topic: Calling Geektrader!!

Hi Geek,

I was doing some reading on the forum and saw you mention a new strategy you have or creating hundreds of EA Studio strategies and putting them live knowing that 60% or so will fail but playing the numbers game.

I’d love to further discuss this with you as I for one have taken the approach of generating millions of strategies with very strict criteria (performing Almost as well in 20%oos, as well as across at least 5/20 markets).
I have only been using this approach for a month or so so I cannot come to any definitive conclusions as to how well this works.

I have loved reading you posts in the ‘success stories’ thread about your approach on massive amounts of backtesting data as well as multi market testing.
However I am a bit confused as these two approaches of yours seem to contradict one another in the way that the timeframe you mentioned you built 100 strategies to use seemed very short. I may be wrong however.

I have taken your approach of as much backtesting data I can get my hands on and bought myself a Threadripper smile