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Hi guys

Just have a question regarding the amount of data available at my Broker AxiTrader In Aus
Looking at Popov's video series For FSB Pro he has got a tonne of history data, these are the figures i am receiving
after following the instructions to go back as far as possible in mt4.

H1 only and lower only go to march 2018, H4 is back to 2009, rest are 2013. no extra data is available.

is this enough data to start with? , and do i just keep collecting new history as i go? This is just showing EURUSD the rest are all the same.

Importing: EURUSD1.hst
EURUSD M1 - bars: 67373

Importing: EURUSD10080.hst
EURUSD W1 - bars: 263

Importing: EURUSD1440.hst
EURUSD D1 - bars: 1199

Importing: EURUSD15.hst
EURUSD M15 - bars: 17735

Importing: EURUSD240.hst
EURUSD H4 - bars: 7984

Importing: EURUSD30.hst
EURUSD M30 - bars: 9316

Importing: EURUSD43200.hst
EURUSD MN1 - bars: 61

Importing: EURUSD5.hst
EURUSD M5 - bars: 53033

Importing: EURUSD60.hst
EURUSD H1 - bars: 5234

Import completed.

Re: History from AxiTrader

You have to keep your MetaTrader running and it will collect data with the time.

Re: History from AxiTrader

Thank you Popov

Will it be detrimental for me at this time to try generate and use some strategies on the lower time frames as there is more history, say like the 15min from your videos?