Topic: Which hardware that affect to generator's speed?


I will buy the new pc for generating strategies especially. Anyone know which hardware I should spend for it the most for fastest speed generating?

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Take a high gHrz Intel i5 or i7. It actually doesn't matter too much. The video card, ram and disc doesn't matter.

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dual core , quad core ,thread

How's about those thing?

Re: Which hardware that affect to generator's speed?

The CPU frequency is the only factor that have effect on the Generator speed. The higher the better.

If you have to choose between different kind of processors, I know that Intel i7 has the best single thread performance. AMD is near to it. The last choice must be an ARM processor.

I'm using a standard HP workstation with i7-6700 @ 3.40 GHz and I'm pretty satisfied.
I may say that 16 GB RAM is better than 8 GB, but it has no big effect.
SSD provides faster loading and it is the better choice.
I use it for development and also run two virtual machines for trading and testing on it.

I retired my previous machine - 2 x Xeon 3.99 GHz, 64 GB RAM because it was overkill - too noisy and high power consumption.

Anyway, every modern computer will do the job.

You may also consider a UPS.

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Re: Which hardware that affect to generator's speed?

If you use big history data (I use 32 years of H1 for example) and many CPU threads (I am on a Threadripper 1950X with 16 cores and 32 threads) and plan to use many cores for the generator to max out your CPU, make sure you have enough RAM! If I generate with 32 threads, 32 years of H1 history data with intrabar scanning (having 1 minute as the lowest resolution), 1 thread = ~1GB of RAM usage too. So that means that if you use 16 threads, there are 16 GB of RAM needed, for 32 thread, 32 GB of RAM. Otherwise, it will be slowed down heavily as the garbage collection of .NET is constantly working and pausing the strategy generating.

If you use shorter history data (e.g. 16 years instead of 32 years), RAM usage will be half of that in that example. However, if you for example plan to use 32 years of M30 data, RAM usage will be doubled, so ~2GB per CPU thread used. Since I only have 32GB of RAM, I´ve switched to EA Studio, as this uses a lot less RAM (actually about 1/4) for the same data horizons and is faster too.