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Hi guys, I have 2 PC's that im running EA Studio on currently both with Chrome, Firefox and a custom build of Chrome. Today both PC's in any broswer the reactor is stopping randomly. The stop button is still red as if it is running but it is not calculating anything. Ive tried clearing the cache of all browsers and closing all other programs etc etc but nothing seems to work. Only started happening today and on both PC's.

Is anyone else experiancing the same issue? Surely must be something on the EA Studio side not my side as both PC's have begun playing up at the same time.

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Ive also checked my internet connection, no issues there 52mbps download speed. Running multiple devices all with no issues.

I should also note the Reactor freezes generally within calculating the first 1000 strategies.

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Ok so I just remembered I had my third PC running the reactor for the last 24 hours. The two PC's which keep freezing I had refreshed after I read the thread about the balance line stability changed Popov made early today. SO i just ran a test with the 'older version' of EA Studio without the balance line stability as a generator search for: function and it runs fine. I then refreshed the browser so I now had the option on using the balance line stability as a search for: function and the reactor now crashes within seconds of starting.

Conclusion: Changes made to EA Studio within the last 24 hours are causing the Reactor to crash.

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Hello Michael,

I cannot reproduce the issue.

Please open the browser console and look for error messages. It may give use a clue what may be wrong.

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Hi Popov,

Here is the error that occurs when the reactor stops.

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Thank you. It will help to fix the bug.

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No problem, can you please respond here when the bug is rectified as Im waiting to create a bunch of new strategies. Thanks

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The bug is rectified. Thank you for the report!

It due to a bug in the Balance Stability formula when there were no transactions during the OOS interval.

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